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Milky-mint has started a donation pool!
998 / 5,000
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Hello, please send the points here for commissions / adops / YCH etc.
Also you can use this to support me and my art.
If youd like supporting me with dollars then i have a ko-fi, link is in my custom box, thank you.

Have a nice day.

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Eye Bow  Art commissions Eye Bow 

ferrugineum heart bow  Open ferrugineum heart bow 

Please read everything, thank you.

So, summer is here! It means i have more time on my hands and it means they're going to be way cheaper, also the fact I'm broke and i need some OuO. I'm basically saving up for a game, some commissions and some orders.

I accept Points and Paypal!

My prices are lowered for a fact i cant reason with people for them being too cheap or too expensive :/

cherry blossoms c


(please specefy in the form if youd like it "cut" or "full", both are same price,
"cut" is more meant for profile pictures so there for smaller size (500x500 px))

0.50$ / 40 Points

cry by Limeisy*+:,.'My lil baby Pasy'.,:+* by Milky-mint*+:,.'Woof'.,:+* by Milky-mint

Detailed headshot

I will be PICKY with characters on this.

 1.60$ / 150 Points 

*+:,.'Beyond the tears'.,:+* by Milky-mint

Half body

2.10$ / 200 Points 

*+:,.'Pastel Dan and Phil'.,:+* by Milky-mint*+:,.'Oop'.,:+* by Milky-mint*+:,.'Opal'.,:+* by Milky-mint

Full body

(I wont accept pose requests, refs etc)

3.10$ / 300 Points

*+:,.'Karma'.,:+* by Milky-mint*+:,.'Did you know i love you'.,:+* by Milky-mint*+:,.'Lapis and Peridot'.,:+* by Milky-mint

 Small illustrations

You may have an option to describe the characters surroundings, but if it will be too complicated for me i will point that out, either you let me pick one or you rather go with a cheaper commission from my list.

5.60$ / 550 Points

*+:,.'Sleepy star'.,:+* by Milky-mint*+:,.'Growing'.,:+* by Milky-mint

cherry blossoms c

Type: (Half body,Full Body etc)
Ref: (Pictures only)
Theme: (Sad/Angry/Happy/Fear/Neutral)
Extra: (optional)(Important things about your oc)
Payment method: (USD via paypal/DA points)
Colors: (Your color palette colors or i may make them pastel)
 cherry blossoms c

What i WILL do:

Blood/hard gore
Furries (picky)
Your OC's
Pastel (preferred)
Characters from a cartoon/anime
Couples (+100 pts/1.10$) < picky

What i WON'T do:

Manly men
Dark muted colors

Robots (except TV head OC's)

Be AWARE of this:

I might not do them as fast
I like to change things up sometimes to make it look more pleasing to my style
Big lashes if a female
I have a cross sign style on pupils
Pastels and loads of pinks
Cutsy looking
Nose as a heart shape (more defined as a human shape nose in detailed headshots)

cherry blossoms c

If youre paying with paypal please note me,
ill send you the payment link!

 cherry blossoms c


  I can do only point refunds and only if 3 months have passed by.
★  You can maximum commission 3 art peaces from me per slot. 
★  You can use the commissioned art as long as i'm given credit!
★   I have the right to reject your commission offer. 
★ Don't offer me Art, OC's or Customs please! 
★  Negative comments will be hidden. 
★ I wont lower my prices, sorry! 

cherry blossoms c

 Waiting list 0/5  
 Please be patient waiting your commission(s) 


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